Imagine the possibilities… 

RGC is the proven leader in On-Time delivery when it comes to on-demand transportation in the healthcare industry. We are more than a courier company — our team is trained and certified in handling bloodborne pathogens and dangerous goods including infectious substances (Class 6.2).

Whether you’re shipping life-saving medication, clinical trials supplies, biological/umbilical cord blood samples, pharmaceuticals, or medical hardware/software, you can count on RGC to provide expert medical emergency logistics solutions to enhance your business. Yes, we are HIPAA and AODA certified.

We are all in this together!

Our commitment to humanity — RGC believes that a healthy world is possible. That is why we have taken steps to implement preventative measures to combat Covid-19. We are proud to share that our global team is fully vaccinated and has completed the Pandemic Awareness Training. 

You can ALWAYS rely on us!

RGC assisted us with the transport of PPE. We tried many couriers to have this urgent shipment move on a Sunday for Monday morning delivery. However, no one could commit to this timeline except for RGC. They sent their driver immediately and were extremely serious about Covid-19 safety protocols. Thanks to the amazing RGC staff, we were able to distribute the critical PPE on Monday.

Jennifer F. (Barrie, ON)