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Imagine the possibilities… 

RGC is the proven leader in On-Time delivery when it comes to on-demand transportation in the medical industry.


Let’s do our part…

We must act now to protect our future!

Machinery / Manufacturing

Success starts with RGC!

RGC understand you can’t forecast the untimeliness of a breakdown.

Cold Chain

Empower your business…

You can ALWAYS count on RGC’s rock solid reputation and service when it comes to cold chain logistics.

Aviation / Aerospace

RGC keeps you ahead of the game…

We are ALWAYS there when you need us.


Dignity, Respect, and Care.

RGC makes the worry-free arrangements for you and your family.

Why us?

We are here 24/7

We are ALWAYS here to assist you. Phone, e-mail or video chat–your choice.

Certified Experience

You ALWAYS get the best experts in the industry to attend to your request.

Competitive Pricing

Other transportation providers focus on making large profits while we ALWAYS focus on growing your business.

Results Driven

We ALWAYS achieve the highest success rate for our clients.

Over 30 Years of Experience

We’re ALWAYS at your service–you deserve the best and knowledgeable minds in the industry!

Great Support

Our team of dedicated logisticians is ALWAYS here to support you and your team around the clock.

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