SameDay / Next Flight Out (NFO)

Unmatched performance.

RGC is the industry front-runner in Next Flight Out (NFO). Whether you are in Toronto, New York, Whitehorse, London or Paris, RGC will ensure that your shipment will be placed on the next available flight. Our strong alliance with all air carriers will guarantee your package is handled with the highest priority.

Same day delivery is possible. We take immediate action by dispatching a driver to recover your shipment. Simultaneously, our highly skilled logistics team will design a plan which will ensure the fastest possible delivery, and, provide continuous progress updates.

RGC understands that your cargo is unique and time critical. That is why we are here to assist you 24/7/365.

Direct Drive (Hot Shot)

Success Guaranteed.

Hot Shot / Direct Drive may be suitable if your shipment is TIME SENSITIVE. RGC has access to all types of vehicles 24/7/365 to accommodate all products regardless of the size, shape, weight or temperature. We will assess if this mode of transportation will be the best solution for you.

Discuss your shipping needs with our team of experts and we will ensure your TIME SENSITIVE shipment is recovered and delivered ASAP or at the scheduled times by our experienced drivers. You can count on RGC to help you avoid service downtime while minimizing costs.

You can ALWAYS rely on us!

On-Board Courier (OBC)

We’re always there when you need us.

To minimize the delivery time, the On-Board Courier may be the most practical option for you. This will guarantee the fastest and the most personalized door-to- door delivery.

Hand Carry solution is ideal for transporting legal and sensitive documents or a small item requiring personal attention. Your parcel will be under continuous care giving you a peace of mind and a guarantee of a safe and on-time delivery.

Contact our knowledgeable logisticians to discuss if this method is suitable for your unique situation.

Aircraft Charters

Whenever and wherever you need it.

RGC will arrange an aircraft charter to deliver your shipment on-time to any destination. Aircraft Charters are used in time-critical situations or where cargo size or remote destination, pose a problem for other scheduled air carriers.

Aircraft Charters may be an option for you if:

  • A machine part is required to avoid downtime in your plant.
  • An aircraft part is immediately required – Aircraft on Ground (AOG).
  • Your destination is a remote location without regular airline service.
  • A life-saving medication is urgently needed.

Contact our team of experts and we will take care of all logistics aspects of your shipment.