Cold Chain

Empower your business….

Reliable Global Courier Inc. has the technical ability to link with the airlines for real time status, generate web-based export documentation and provide electronic tracking.

Shipping large quantity of medical supplies?

RGC has access to insulated shipping containers or other specialized active temperature controlled containers such as Envirotainer.

Solutions found!

Temperature data loggers and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags help monitor the temperature history of the truck / warehouse and the temperature history of the product being shipped. RGC has years of experience – we will guide you in the selection process.

To protect the integrity of the product while in transit, RGC has access to:

  • Refrigerated trucks and vans
  • Reefer ships and containers
  • Refrigerated warehouses

You can ALWAYS rely on us!

RGC is truly reliable. Our temperature sensitive laboratory samples had to be transported in a specific temperature range.  RGC staff not only ensure that it did, but they also used a temperature data logger to monitor the temperature levels throughout the transport.  The level of professionalism and understanding of our business was remarkable.

Daron D. (Jersey City, NJ)